Customized bio-compatable and bio-absorbable tissue engineering scaffolds for companies offering cell basedtherapies

Bio Compatable Bio Absorbable Tissues

The three essential components of tissue engineering are cells,scaffolds and growth factors. Most of the pioneering researches are now established in the area of stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine have a major focus on the cellularcomponent, especially stem cells. To meet their need forcustomized bio-compatible and biodegradable scaffolds fortheir various intended clinical applications, we can work withthem to make customized tissue engineering scaffolds suited totheir needs. These scaffolds also have the ability to encapsulategrowth factors if needed, to induce differentiation andfunctionality to the tissue constructs.

Integrated bioreactor for tissue engineering

An integrated bioreactor unit that enables growth of cells on tissue engineering scaffolds for various clinical applications

Prana 4000 is an integrated bioreactor unit that will effectively grow cells on scaffolds for various clinical applications. Conventional bioreactors are designed to be used in an R&D setting and consume a lot of costly media during cell culture. The proposed bioreactor here will be a micro fluidic based system which would consume minimum media during its operation. The bioreactor is designed to be used in a clinical setting and at the end of the production cycle, the cell laden scaffolds can be used for various clinical applications.


Polyskin was found in 2008 by Dr. Rajmohan G. Our primary interest lies in translation of innovations from the Research lab through the various stages of pre-clinical and clinical evaluations, with focus on clinical applications in regenerative medicine


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