Bio Engineered Skin Bank

We offers dedicated treatment for difficult to heal wounds especially diabetic ulcers,

In the current scenario, there is an acute shortage of cadaver skin which are dispensed from skin banks for the treatment of patients. The bio engineered skin, Twak-C, has been developed to address this shortage. The major issue faced with bio-engineered skin substitute is its long term storage in a clinical settings. To address this challenge, we have envisaged a Polyskin skin bank, that would cater to a number of hospitals in given geographical area in supplying Twak-C as and when required, a hub and spoke model. The modular skin bank would have frozen cells and stored membranes, both having excellent storage life and when needed, the frozen cells are revived and grown on the membranes using specialized bioreactors in a short time and delivered to the hospitals


Polyskin was found in 2008 by Dr. Rajmohan G. Our primary interest lies in translation of innovations from the Research lab through the various stages of pre-clinical and clinical evaluations, with focus on clinical applications in regenerative medicine


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